root canal treatment Hilversum

Root canal treatment

Teeth and molars have roots with which they stand in the bone, These roots are hollow inside for the nerve and blood supply of your molar. When a hole or filling gets too close to the nerve, or there is trauma such as a fall, a nerve can be damaged and sometimes die as a result. Inflammatory products then form in the molar and around the root tip, which can cause symptoms such as sensitivity when hot and cold, swelling or nagging spontaneous pain, or pain when pressure is applied to the molar like chewing or tapping.

During a root canal treatment, the inside of the molar is thoroughly cleaned with small files and disinfectant rinse and then filled. This addresses the cause and the inflammation will disappear.  

root canal treatment Hilversum

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Picking a dental practice is easier said than done. To give you a better idea of what De Hilversumse Tandarts can do for you, we list some of the benefits of our practice below.

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